Columbia / Adair Water Commission
Our Mission :
"To provide the highest quality potable water available at the lowest possible cost"
In 2003 the Adair County Water District and Columbia Utilities Commission joined together to
form a new entity Columbia/Adair County Water Commission.  This commission was formed to
serve the water needs of Adair County.  Columbia Utilities had served the majority of the Water
District’s water needs for many years, but as the county experienced tremendous growth over the
years the old water plant could not provide enough water for the City of Columbia and the Water
District as well.
Columbia/Adair County Water Commission obtained funding and constructed a 5 MG (million
gallon) plant to serve the needs of Adair County for many years to come as well as having the
capability to serve other counties if needed.  The Water Commission began making water in
2008 and has been running strong ever since.  About 1 million gallons of water is produced each
day and piped into the Adair county Water District and the City of Columbia’s systems to serve
their customers.
The Water Commission was formed by an order of the Adair County Fiscal Court in February of
2003.  A five panel board was appointed.
The current Board consists of:
Chairman                        Rudy Higginbotham
Vice-Chairman                Junior Brown
Secretary/Treasurer        Robert Flowers
Commissioner                 June Parson
Commissioner                 Danny Downey
Each Commissioner serves a four year term with the following terms:
Rudy Higginbotham                Chairman                            Term Expires February 2010
Junior Brown                           Vice-Chairman                   Term Expires February 2011
Robert Flowers                       Secretary/Treasurer           Term Expires February 2013
June Parson                           Commissioner                     Term Expires February 2013
Danny Downey                       Commissioner                     Term Expires February 2010